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It’s Back to School time and excitement is everywhere in the Shenandoah Area Council.  I wanted to personally reach out to all of our units and volunteers to provide a quick update and say “thank you”.  Here’s what we have to be proud of:  We have officially turned the corner and are experiencing a 2% membership jump!  We have been chosen by the National Office as a Pilot Program Council for the new Lions Program allowing us to bring Scouting to Kindergartners for the first time.  We are currently a JTE Gold Performing Council.  We have one of the highest training rates in the nation.  We received perfect scores on our National Accreditation for Camp Rock Enon and are recognized as one of the best camps in the region!

I hope everyone is geared up to sell popcorn to help meet their unit budget needs.  Remember, we have a great Commissioner Staff and trained District volunteers to help YOUR Unit!  The Council has seen some challenges, but together, we’ve conquered them and moved forward.  A special “Thanks” to those Units that are pulling their Fair Share.  Your efforts have made a huge impact on our success.  Click the link below to see the current list of outstanding Fair Share Units.  If your Unit is not on the list, contact your District Executive and find out what you can do to make sure your Unit is contributing its Fair Share.  Thanks again for all you do!

Thank you to our Fair Share Units for exemplifying Scouting.  You have contributed to supporting your Council, District, Unit and fellow Scouts & Scouters.

Units That Did Their Best!


City, State


Troop 1

Winchester, VA


Troop 5

Strasburg, VA


Pack 12

Berkeley Springs, WV


Pack 25

Martinsburg, WV


Troop 37

Hedgesville, WV


Troop 52

Front Royal, VA


Pack 63

Winchester, VA


Pack 118

Front Royal, VA



Other Contributing Units:

(*) denotes the units that supported Camp Rock Enon by attending Resident Camp in 2016

Unit City, State District
*Troop 2 Winchester, VA Shawnee
*Troop 4 Front Royal, VA Shenrapawa
*Pack 10 Winchester, VA Shawnee
*Pack 15 Stephens City, VA Shawnee
*Troop 15 Stephens City, VA Shawnee
*Troop 16 Falling Waters, WV Potomac
*Troop 19 Bunker Hill, WV Potomac
*Pack 28 Strasburg, VA Shenrapawa
*Troop 32 Martinsburg, WV Potomac
*Pack 33 Shepherdstown, WV Mannahoac
*Troop 33 Shepherdstown, WV Mannahoac
*Pack 34 Berryville, VA Mannahoac
*Troop 34 Berryville, VA Mannahoac
*Troop 36 Washington, VA Shenrapawa
*Pack 37 Hedgesville, WV Potomac
*Pack 45 Winchester, VA Shawnee
Troop 45 Winchester, VA Shawnee
*Pack 46 Stephenson, VA Shawnee
*Troop 46 Stephenson, VA Shawnee
*Pack 58 Martinsburg, WV Potomac
*Troop 58 Martinsburg, WV Potomac
*Pack 61 Middletown, VA Shawnee
*Troop 61 Middletown, VA Shawnee
*Troop 91 Arden, WV Potomac
*Pack 107 Cross Junction, VA Shawnee
*Pack 112 Front Royal, VA Shenrapawa
*Pack 117 Mount Jackson, VA Shenrapawa
*Troop 142 Kearneysville, WV Mannahoac
*Pack 159 Stephens City, VA Shawnee
Troop 159 Stephens City, VA Shawnee
*Troop 316 Washington, VA Shenrapawa
*Troop 575 Woodstock, VA Shenrapawa



107 Youth Development Court
Winchester, VA 22602

phone: 540-662-2551
fax: 540-662-2725

Hours of Operation:
10:00am - 5:30pm (M-F) 
10:00am - 2:00pm (2nd Sat. each month)
Closed (Sun.)

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